Best website to find the guitar chord of a song


Best website to find the guitar chord of a song

A guitar chord is a series of notes performed on a guitar in music. The notes of a chord are frequently played simultaneously, but in an arpeggio, they can be played in any order. The way guitar chords are played is determined by the guitar's tuning. The "standard" tuning of the Spanish classical guitar, E–A–D–G–B–E' (from the lowest pitched string to the highest), is used on the most popular guitars. In standard tuning, the spacing between neighboring strings is perfect fourths except for the major third (G, B). The major triads require four-chord forms in standard tuning.

Open tunings, which are especially popular in folk, blues, and non-Spanish classical guitar, make it easier to perform conventional chords (such as English and Russian guitar). The standard twelve-bar blues, for example, only uses three chords, each of which may be played (in any open tuning) by fretting six-strings with one finger. Steel guitar and slide guitar, in particular, require open tunings. Open tunings allow one-finger chords to be played with more consonance than equal temperament tunings, but at the expense of increasing dissonance in other chords.

Best Websites for the guitar tabs

If you are looking for guitar chords for any song then you must have to check out this website The website provides nice and clear chords which you can use. There is also a print feature that you can use to save the chord offline so you can later access it without internet.


The above-given website is really great for beginners who start learning the guitar. The interface is really easy and they always add new song guitar chords check out their homepage for more details.

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